Jimmy Rebel

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Racist country-western musician who appears in the bitingly satirical "The Story of Jimmy Rebel" episode of animated TV show The Boondocks (first aired 23 May 2010). Rebel is the favorite musician of self-loathing African-American character Uncle Ruckus (no relation), who Werner Herzog (really!) called "perhaps the biggest Uncle Tom that has ever lived" in the "It's a Black President Huey Freeman" episode. Rebel, who records for Racist Records, became a big hit in the 1960s. He and Uncle Ruckus meet when the latter shares one of his own racist songs, "Keep Them Niggers Out of NASCAR," with the former.

Real band connection: Rebel is a parody of real racist musician Johnny Rebel. (One of Jimmy Rebel's albums is, ahem, Real Niggers Never Die, They Just Smell That Way. Astonishingly, that's the name of one of Johnny Rebel's songs. Real class act.)