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Singer and pianist in the "From Out of Nowhere" story of comic book Youthful Romances #7 (February 1954). He's the accompanist for popular singer Ricky Raymond, working on his NBC tv program, The Ricky Raymond Show. Or so it would seem. In reality, Wilson has the golden voice, but is so stricken with stage fright, he can't perform for crowds or cameras. So he lets Ricky take all the credit, even though Ricky's an ill-tempered heel and can't sing.

Real singer Tony Martin guest stars in the comic as himself! When Raymond and Wilson need an arranger, he sends them Tina Cauldwell. She figures out the truth about Raymond while falling for Wilson. She tries to get Wilson to come out with the truth, but he's too shy. She goes to Tony Martin, and they hatch a scheme to get Wilson over his stage fright. They switch the camera and mics live during the show, showing that Jerry is doing the real singing. This cures his stage fright, and incidentally ruins Raymond's career.

Martin mentions that Wilson is still singing, and happily married to Tina.

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