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Hytone Elbert Whiz Comics.png
Bandleader from the "Captain Marvel Plays in a Band" story of Whiz Comics #62 (Feb 1945). He's rehearsing his band at radio station WHIZ to audition for a commercial or sponsored program, but waiting on their bass fiddle player. When he's a no-show, no thanks to Harry Offkeye, Hytone dragoons WHIZ reporter Billy Batson into playing the bass fiddle for them. Alas, Hytone wants to play Rimsky-Korsakov, but all Batson knows is "Sweet Sue".

His band is "just a bunch of kids," probably due to his more seasoned musicians being drafted into WWII. When competitor Harry Offkeye breaks all their instruments, Captain Marvel rounds up a saw, comb, and pots and pans for them to play. He even plays the jug himself on the 1928 hit song "Sweet Sue." Station owner Sterling Morris thinks they're "Terrific! Greatest novelty act I've heard in years!" They get the contract.

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