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From the TV series Lost (2004). Castaway Charlie (former hobbit Dominic Monaghan) says he was the bassist in this semi-famous band on this ABC show, some kinda crazy DRAMA version of Gilligan's Island!

Their hit song "You All Everybody" was in "The Moth" episode (11/03/04), which reveals in flashbacks that Charlie was in the band with his brother Liam (Neil Hopkins). Liam hit the drugs hard and the band broke up after two albums (driveSHAFT and Oil Change). Liam got clean, but then Charlie got addicted. Liam didn't want to put the band back together, but Charlie did- them drugs ain't cheap you know! Then he got into this plane wreck with 47 other poor shmucks.

In what must surely be SOME kind of fake band first, driveSHAFT crossed over to the series Alias !! In "The Awful Truth" episode (01/12/05), their song "You All Everybody" is playing in the background at a party.

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