Dr. Horatio Grevius

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Grevius Dr Horatio The Thing.png
Wealthy, vain ear surgeon and terrible amateur violin player from 'The Sound of Death" story of comic book The Thing #12 (February 1954).

He has to pay to give a concert, and pay people to attend. When the critics rightfully savage his show, he vows revenge. He studies his books of witchcraft and finds "Deluca's Aural Distintegration Technique," and enchants his violin with it somehow.

His next concert is just for the three newspaper critics. He plays... but silently! The puzzled critics leave, then shortly drop dead. Dr. Grevius found a way to play notes that damaged their brains. He himself had an operation to make himself temporarily deaf before the concert. He gets his revenge, but then he doesn't hear people telling him to get out of the way of a truck, and is struck and killed.

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