Derrick Roper

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Roper Derrick Famous Crimes.png
Criminal and title character of "The Singing Waiter" story of comic book Famous Crimes #17 (May 1950). Set in 1936, he's a singing waiter in a fancy New York City restaurant. He starts off slipping a mickey to a drunken rich customer, and "helping" him to his car, but then having his two partners in crime Garbiel Corey and Joe Cutter drive away with the customer and roll him for all he has. Then Roper gets the idea to phone his pals and tell them to rob the homes of the wealthy while they're eating in the restaurant. It works out great, but Cutter and Corey start shorting him on the loot. Since Roper's not there, he doesn't know how much there was. When Roper finds out, he tips off the cops on the next job in revenge. But Cutter and Corey get away, and kill Roper. But then they both get caught and sentenced to death.

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