Cowboy George and the Range Rats

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Country band from the especially odd episode "Cowboy George" (11 Feb 1986) of television series The A-Team. Character Faceman (Dirk Benedict) is trying his hand at concert bookings, and has booked this band in a small-town Arizona club called the Floor 'Em. But the band that show up is real band Boy George and the Culture Club, playing themselves! And they thought they were playing the Forum, not the "Floor 'Em." Somehow conman Faceman got conned by one of his associates.

Hannibal (George Peppard) disguises himself as Cowboy George to placate the disgruntled club owner who doesn't want no "English glitter prince." Hannibal says Boy George will open for him, and the band plays their hit "Karma Chameleon."

The real Cowboy George never shows up.

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