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Promising singing student of Lenhart Davy in the 1853 novel Charles Auchester by Elizabeth Sara Sheppard. The novel opens in the year 1833. She travels to Italy and debuts there.

"You know she went to Italy for study, and no one heard a word about her ; she did not omit to write, but never mentioned what she was doing. Only the third year she sent us news of her debut. This was but last May. The news was in a paper, not in her letter. In her letter she only spoke of ourselves, and sent us a present for baby, — such a piece of work, Charles, as you never saw. I thought she would have quite given up work by that time. The letter was a simple, exquisite expression of regard for her old master ; and when Lenhart answered it, she wrote again. This letter contained the most delicate intimation of her prosperous views. She was entirely engaged at that time, but told us she trusted to come to England an early month next year, for she says she finds, having been to Italy, she loves England best."

"That is rather what I should have expected. She had not an Italian touch about her; she would weary there."

"I should scarcely think so, Charles, for Stelli described her beauty as something rose-like and healthful, — ' fresher than your infant there,' he said, pointing to baby ; and from her style of singing grand and sacred airs, she has been fancifully named, and is called everywhere, 'La Benetta benedetta.' "

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