Bobby Dupea

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Born Robert Eroica Dupea and played by Jack Nicholson, Dupea is a former classical pianist who has rejected his upper class family and musical heritage to go work in the oil fields in the hit 1970 drama film Five Easy Pieces (you know, the movie where Nicholson has a showdown with a waitress over toast).

The film also includes other musicians, including his sister Partita Dupea (pianist, played by Lois Smith), his brother Carl Fidelio Dupea (violinist, played by Ralph Waite), Carl's fiancée Catherine Van Oost (pianist, played by Susan Anspach), and Bobby's girlfriend and aspiring country singer Rayette Dipesto (Karen Black).

The title is a reference to piano works. And his middle name "Eroica" is the common title of Beethoven's Third Symphony.