Billy-Bobaloo Skeeter-Rodriguez

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Or maybe it's spelled Billy-Babalu Skeeter Rodriguez?

Mentioned in passing musician in the unlikely yet rapidly growing jug band-samba fusion genre, from the "Love is a Many Splintered Thing" episode (February 10, 2013) of animated television series The Simpsons.

After Mary Spuckler loses a singing contest to Devin Peacock, she runs into an unnamed Brazilian record producer who is familiar with him, and interested in signing Spuckler.

Brazilian record producer: "Excuse me, I am a Brazilian record producer. I concentrate in the rapidly-growing jug band-samba fusion market."

Mary Spuckler: "Oh, my God! Do you know Billy-Bobaloo Skeeter-Rodriguez?"

Brazilian record producer: "Know him? Before he was famous, he kidnapped my mother! Mary, would you like to have dinner with me and my handsome, girl-crazy son tonight?"

Brazilian record producer's son: "I am the first boy to get my own liquor ad."