Bill Phelps

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Phelps Bill Miracle Comics.png
Singer "who made a million crooning over the radio" from "The Scorpion- Terror of the Underworld" story of comic book Miracle Comics vol. 1, no. 2 (March 1940).

Rex Gray, aka hero The Scorpion, is standing in line at the bank behind him and finds out Phelps withdraws $10,000 every day. Suspicious, he follows him to known kidnapper Gus Zenda, and watches Phelps give the money to him. Gray listens to Phelps' records and then forces Phelps to sing at gunpoint. Using an oscilloscope, he proves it's not the same voice as on the record. "Phelps" is a doppelganger used by Zenda to empty Phelps' bank account. Gray confronts Zenda and frees the real Phelps in a page so poorly drawn and colored, it's a miracle you can even figure out what happened.

One of Phelps' records is a version of the Stephen Foster's "Swanee River."

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