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A "big deal singer on television" from the "Shadow at the Window" story of comic book The Detectives, (Four Color #1168, March-May 1961). The comic book was as a tie-in with ABC TV series The Detectives. This client of "famed vocal coach" Arnold Warburton is investigated by the police for Warburton's murder. Franks used to be in the Army.

He's can't pay the debt collector and his marriage is rocky due to his being away from home so much with personal appearances. His wife Laura tells the cops privately that she can't account for his whereabouts at the time of the murder. Then Bill tells the cops that Warburton was also his agent and mishandling his career, and confesses to the murder because he thought his wife did it. One dramatic car chase and crash later, we learn that the murderer was really Maudie Sorenson, Bill's mother-in-law. She killed Warburton because "Laura and Bill were happy until he interfered...he was always pushing Bill's career...telling him what to do...he was breaking up my daughter's marriage!" Wounded in the wreck, Mrs. Sorenson dies after her confession

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