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Holly Ann First Love Illustrated.png
Songwriter and arranger and fiance of bandleader Roger Crane from the "Dangerous Rival!" story of Harvey romance comic book First Love Illustrated #26 (March 1953).

The childhood sweetheart of struggling bandleader Crane, she's his song arranger and has written an original number they are shopping around. Recording star Myra Vance gives them their big break when she wants to sing their song. However, Vance is also interested in Crane, leading to Holly and Crane's breakup. Holly goes solo and signs with another music house, based on her success with their song for Vance.

She becomes very successful, but fends off suitors because her heart still belongs to Roger. When she finds out Roger's career is in a slump after Myra dumped him, she secretly helps him get gigs and arranges all his songs personally. When he regains success, he confesses to her that he found out she was helping him and begs her to come back. They reunite.

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