The Shacknastys and the Jugbenders

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Hillbilly family bands from the "A Boob in the Woods" story of DC comic book The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #121 (November-December 1970). Jerry Lewis is trying his hand at learning the guitar. He's so bad, his nephew Refrew kicks him out of his own house. Lewis goes into the woods to practice and is forced at gunpoint to play with the highly hillbilly Shacknasty family. Their Hatfield-McCoy-style blood feud with the Jugbender family is set aside when long-haired folk music hunter Wardell Schvetz shows up. He secretly taped each family's jam session and wants to make them famous. They all go off with him, and Lewis gets paid enough money to buy a tuba instead.


  • (Paw) Shacknasty (father), fiddle
  • Clark Shacknasty, jug
  • Errol Shacknasty, musical saw
  • Sairy June Shacknasty, washtub bass
  • Maw Jugbender (mother)
  • Irving Jugbender
  • Irving Jugbender
  • Irving Jugbender

Yes, all three of Maw Jugbender's sons are named Irving.

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