The Pied Piper (Black Hood)

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Pied Piper Black Hood Jackpot Comics.png

Ghoulish-looking flautist from the Black Hood story of Jackpot Comics #7 (Fall 1942). His playing completely hypnotizes his victims, causing them to turn sheet-white and shamble mindlessly to their doom (into a swamp, off a roof, into a whirlpool).

He murders brothers Jim, Martin, and Abel, but not sister Judy. The Black Hood beats him up, but Judy is the one that fatally shoots the Piper.

Unmasked, he turns out to be Pelham, the caretaker of the estate, in a mask and costume. He served his master for 25 years, who left nothing to Pelham when he died, and the master's sons treated him like dirt. He then "travelled through the Orient for years with revenge burning in my heart. I picked up many tricks!"

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