The Jonah Levin Band

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From the movie One Trick Pony (1980). Folk rocker Paul Simon plays (badly) Jonah Levin-- basically himself, if he had never made it big. Levin's big 1960s hit was the anti-Nam song "Soft Parachutes."

The Jonah Levin Band is played by real-life session vets, and they also play full versions of the songs on the soundtrack album:

  • Danny Duggin (Steve Gadd), drums
  • Clarence Franklin (Richard Tee), keyboards
  • John Dibatista (Tony Levin), bass
  • Lee-Andrew Parker (Eric Gale), guitar

The movie also features Harry Shearer as Levin's manager, Rip Torn as his studio head and, in a nice piece of casting against type, minimalist rocker Lou Reed as producer Steve Kunelian who loads up Jonah's latest single with strings, horns, chorus girls and all other kindsa crap (so, basically, Phil Spector).

Playing themselves in the film are real musicians Tiny Tim, Sam & Dave, the Lovin' Spoonful, The B-52's, and David Sanborn.