The Fresh Beat Band

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Fresh Beat Band The Fresh Beat Band.jpg

Band from the Nick Jr. channel live action kids' series of the same name (2009-2013). If you gave The Monkees a lobotomy, a horse-pill-sized dose of political correctness, and an insatiable appetite for fruit smoothies, you might end up with something like this show.

At least the black one's not in a wheelchair.


  • Twist (Jon Beavers)
  • Kiki (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer)
  • Shout(Thomas Hobson)
  • Marina (Shayna Rose 2009-2011, Tara Perry 2011-2016)

The series was revamped in 2015 as Fresh Beat Band of Spies, an animated, not live action version. The same actors provided the voices, and yes, now they're spies, for a given definition of spies.

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