The Fernando Poo Incident

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Newly-formed rock band mentioned in the 1975 novel Leviathan, the third book in Robert Shea's Robert Anton Wilson’s insane Illuminatus! trilogy. They show up late to the Walpurgisnacht rock festival in the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt, but they missed all the festivities.

The Chevrolet Stegosaurus drove into the empty concert grounds and came to a slow halt. The guitarist stuck his head out the window and yelled to Lady Velkor, "What the hell happened here?"

"There was some bad acid in the Kool-Aid," she told him gravely. "Everybody freaked out and ran off toward town."

"Hell," he said, "and this was going to be our first big audience. We're a new group, just formed. What lousy luck."

He turned and drove off, and she read the sign on the back of the car: THE FERNANDO POO INCIDENT.

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