The Emergency Exit

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Local rock combo from the 1971 Hardy Boys mystery novel, The Case of the Flickering Torch. The novel was originally published in 1943, but the band only appears in the rewritten 1971 version.

"Thanks, Bernie," Frank said. “How about letting us have a rundown on the cast of the Emergency Exit?”

“Sure. There's Mark Bowen on the lead guitar, Linc Caldwell on the bass guitar, George Hansen on the rhythm guitar, and Pete Guilfoyle on the organ. Seymour Schill also plunks a guitar for us, and Joe Clark, a good friend of mine, is the emcee.

“Tony and Biff say your combo's pretty good,” Frank put in.

“We've almost always got a booking somewhere,” Bernie admitted. “And we've been playing at the Torch steady for quite a while."

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