The Dreadful Alternatives

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New Generation Melanie Edwards Super Kisser.png

High school band in Bridgeport, Connecticut, from Melanie Edwards, Super Kisser(1992), the 29th book in the Fabulous Five series of young adult novels.

Melanie and her friends attend the New Generation's concert, where they have one song where they are actually expected to go into the audience and kiss girls. Melanie really wants to be one of them, even though she's dating Shane. Kimm Taylor is the one who gets kissed, but when The Dreadful Alternatives, Wakeman's student band, starts covering the song after the concert, Melanie gets into the song a little too much and starts kissing all of the boys, after they pressure her to do so. Rumors spread around Wakeman about how she'll kiss anyone, anywhere. Shane hears about this and breaks up with her. Realizing she has dug herself into a hole, she devises a plan to show Shane exactly what happened that night and to make things right with him. Everything is cleared up with the help of her friends and Mr. Matson and they get back together.

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