Raging Pussies

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Band that unknowingly precipitates a crisis in the cartoon town of South Park , Colorado, in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" episode (first aired 13 Dec. 2000). Cartman has four tickets to their concert, but Kyle's mom and dad won't let him go. After begging, they say he can go if "...you clean out the garage, shovel the driveway and bring democracy to Cuba." Undaunted, Kyle writes a letter to Castro that is so heartwarming, Castro actually does bring democracy to Cuba. But his parents still won't let him go. Furious, he takes Cartman's suggestion to tell the cops his parents "molestered" him, so the cops will take them away. It works like a charm and Kyle and Co. have a parentless blast at the concert, in their underwear, even. Then every kid in town uses the molestering routine and soon the town is a creepy, Children of the Corn/Lord of the Flies, adultless wreck.

See also The Avenue Ghetto Street Boys, Fingerbang, The Ghetto Avenue Boys, Jerome "Chef" McElroy, and Timmy! and the Lords of the Underworld.