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Poogle Horn Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are.png

Large, cumbersome brass wind instruments, similar to tubas or sousaphones, used to awaken the royalty of Poo-Boken, in the 1973 Dr. Seuss picture book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? There is a lot of variance in poogle-horn design, based on the three shown.

And think of the poor puffing Poogle-Horn Players,

who have to parade down the Poogle-Horn stairs

every morning to wake up

the Prince of Poo-Boken.

It's awful how often their poogles get broken!

The instruments get damaged often, but that's not because of any fragility on the instrument's part, it's because the players are trying to ride unicycles down stairs while playing. Switch to walking, people. WALKING. The is also possibly the first self-admission of basic design flaws in Seussian architecture. Handrails, anyone? Ramps? SAFETY CODES? Building inspectors?!

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