Jane Melden

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Melden Jane Intimate Love.png

Female singer and recording artist from the "Heartache Serenade" story of romance comic book Intimate Love #6 (March 1950).

A female radio DJ, Dell Loman, meets Vance Powers, a man who won't stop requesting the oldie "Moonlight Melody" by this singer. Turns out he's a not a creep! So Loman dates him, falls in love, and at their engagement party, she overhears two of his friends talking about Vance's relationship with Melden. Loman thinks Vance only loves her because he's on the rebound, storms out of the party, and seeks out Melden at the Club Soiree.

Melden sets her straight: she never had a relationship with Vance; she married Vance's brother Richard, who then died in the WWII. "Moonlight Melody" makes them both think of their lost Richard.

Later, Loman plays Melden's latest platter, "Please Forgive My Foolish Heart."

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