Hot Lips Hannigan

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Hot jazz trumpeter and old high school friend of Fred Flintstone's who now has a band in the "Hot Lips Hannigan" episode (7 Oct. 1960) of The Flintstones. His band played Bedrock club The Rockland. Since it's the stone age, his "trumpet" looks like a wooden tube with a shell attached at the end at a right angle. It also has finger holes instead of valves. But the sound is totally trumpet.

Also mentioned in the episode is that Fred used to be a singer in the Rockville Center High School Band and sings at the annual benefit show of the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs. Fred stops in at The Rockland and reconnects, and they jam together on "When The Saints Go Marching In" for old times sake. Barney also jams with the band on drums, replacing Hannigan's regular drummer Shelly.

This teen idol gets abandoned by the kids for new sensation Hi-Fye (really Fred Flintstone).

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