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Maudlin female vocalist popular back in the 1950s and a parody of real 1950s singer Connie Francis, from several SCTV sketches. She first appeared in a commercial parody (airdate: 5 May 1977) for her album, 20 Depressing Hits including "Stop Slapping My Face," and "I've Got One Week to Live." Act now and get the bonus album, The Lighter Side of Connie Franklin.

Sample lyrics: "I'm losing my hearing, I've lost sight in one eye. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, did you really say goodbye?"

In another sketch, "Good-Bye America with Heraldo Rivera" she's singing at a fancy party thrown by SCTV exec Johnny LaRue (John Candy), who says "...a lot of people say she's depressing, but I really like her style." In a chat with Heraldo Rivera (Joe Flaherty), she reveals that she's fallen on hard times. Her hour-long TV special got cut down into a commercial for her greatest hits album, Connie's Greatest Hits, but she also has a new album, Disco Connie.

Played by Andrea Martin.

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