Christian White and His Aryan Reggae Band

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From the 1981 short story "Johnny Mnemonic" by William Gibson.

I guess he'd always been Ralfi Something or Other, but he owed his acquired surname to a singular vanity. Built something like an overripe pear, he'd worn the once-famous face of Christian White for twenty years -- Christian White of the Aryan Reggae Band, Sony Mao to his generation, and final champion of race rock. I'm a whiz at trivia. Christian White: classic pop face with a singer's high- definition muscles, chiseled cheekbones. Angelic in one light, handsomely depraved in another. But Ralfi's eyes lived behind that face, and they were small and cold and black.

The name of the band is also the code word to unlock the info in Johnny's head. Does anybody remember if this made it from the short story into the Keanu Reeves movie version?