Chip Skylark

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Prettyboy teen sensation voiced by N'Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick in the "Boys in the Band" episode (1 Mar. 2002) of The Fairly Oddparents. Every woman in town, including Timmy's mom (Susan Blakeslee), is gaga over Chip's goateed, pink-hooded-sweatshirt-and-stocking-cap good looks. Timmy's Dad (Daran Norris) is Chip's sole male fan.

After Chip's big concert overshadows Timmy's birthday, the latter wishes for Chip to get kidnapped, Misery-style, by evil babysitter Vicky. But, as per usual in these kinds of situations, Timmy (Tara Strong) learns that Chip's not a bad guy, etc. etc. etc., and helps Chip escape in time for the big show and his crowd-pleasing new song "Oh Vicky You're So So Icky."

A later episode reveals that his full name is Chippington Skylark III, and his grandfather was also a singing star back in the 1930s.

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