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Several books in the 1980s-1990s young adult novel series Sweet Valley and its attendant subseries have fictional musical artists in them:

By Book

  • Sweet Valley High #28: Alone In the Crowd - Lynne is extremely shy and has no friends. But she is a talented songwriter. She enters a competition to write a song for The Droids and wins.
  • Sweet Valley High #72: Rock Star's Girl - Andrea Slade hides the fact that her father, Jamie Peters, is a rock star so people will like her for who she is. Of course, Lila and Jessica will stop at nothing to find out her connection to Jamie.
  • Sweet Valley High #91: In Love With a Prince - Dana, lead singer of the band The Droids, falls in love with Prince Albert, the twins' friend.
  • Sweet Valley High #93: Stepsisters - Mentions the rock band Rhomboid.
  • Sweet Valley High #144: Last Wish - Mentions the rock band Rhomboid.
  • Sweet Valley High Super Edition #8: Jessica Takes Manhattan - Jessica meets her favorite teen rock star Ryder Mitchell on an airplane flight to New York.
  • Sweet Valley Twins #5: Sneaking Out - The twins' parents say they're too young for the Johnny Buck concert, but nothing will stop Jessica from going.
  • Sweet Valley Twins #34: Jessica, the Rock Star - Jessica joins a band formed by Bruce and other boys at school, NRG, and tries to imitate famous singer Melody Power without realizing she sounds terrible.
  • Sweet Valley Twins #37: The War Between the Twins - The Unicorns start their own newspaper which goes head-to-head with the Sixers. They feature an interview with rock star Donny Diamond.
  • Sweet Valley Twins #55: Brooke and Her Rock Star Mom - Brooke's mom returns and she's the pop sensation Coco.
  • Sweet Valley Twins #73: Lila's Music Video - The Unicorns make a music video. Lila is singing - however it is secretly the voice of Johanna Porter. "The Unicorns" is a club, not a band, however.
  • Sweet Valley Twins #86: It Can't Happen Here - New kid and bad boy Brian Boyd is into The Jumping Jack-o-Lanterns, an obvious reference to real band the Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Sweet Valley Twins: The Unicorn Club #22: Jessica's Dream Date - Jessica is disappointed to find her favorite rock star, Johnny Buck, isn't what he seems.
  • Sweet Valley University #28: Elizabeth's Heartbreak - Bobby Hornet is the judge in a contest for girls to pose in bikinis for a calendar to raise money for charity.

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