California Dreams

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From the 1992-96 tv series of the same name. Pop/rock band of a bunch of pretty California high schoolers in this lightweight show from the same people who gave us Saved by the Bell. Original lineup:

  • Matt Garrison (Brent Gore)
  • Tiffani Smith (Kelly Packard)
  • Tony Wicks (William James Jones)
  • Jenny Garrison (Heidi Lenhart)
  • band manager, Sylvester "Sly" Winkle (Michael Cade).

Tough guy Jake Sommers (Jay Anthony Frake) joined the band in the "Jake's Song" episode (09/11/1993).

Jenny was replaced by Hong Kong exchange student Samantha Woo (Jennie Kwan) in the "Wooing Woo" episode (09/25/1993).

Matt was replaced by Sly's cousin Mark Winkle (Aaron Jackson) in the "The Unforgiven" episode (09/10/1994).

In the "Dirty Dog Days" episode (date?), the band played their songs on pirate radio under the name The Dirty Dogs. A soundtrack album for the show was released on MCA in 1992.

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