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A musical piece by an unknown musical artist that is the focus of one of the stories in Jillian Tamaki's 2017 graphic short story collection Boundless. The song, which was originally uploaded to the (fictional) music-sharing service SoundzWire in 1996, was untitled; it was given this name by 17-year-old Gordie Wynne. Tamaki, or more accurately, a critic she created, describes it as:

What is SexCoven? Well, that's a little hard to explain. A song? Hardly. Music? Maybe not. How to define a wordless, six-hour atonal drone? A sound so profound that each chord shift feels like a new tear in the universe? Sonic mindfuck gets close. Listeners report cascading feelings of dread, fear, love, and euphoria. But a tastier treat awaits those with the perserverence [sic] to listen 'til the end: a warm, flooding sense of wholeness and potentiality. In short, SexCoven is as immovable as the Earth and impermeable as air." --A. Esteban, Slammer Magazine, May 2000.

It continues to spread, spawning websites, conspiracy theories, and even a cultlike following.