Woody Harrington and His Whispering Wizards

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Woody Harrington and His Whispering Wizards Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact.png
Band from "The Mystery of Shady Falls" running story starting in issue # of comic book Treasure Chest of Fun and Fact vol. 18, #11 (#337, Jan 31, 1963). They play the Great Kohler's roller-skating rink, which has just set up shop in Shady Falls, Maine. They hire local cub reporter Maureen Farrell to be their singer, even though she's terrible.

Pianist Harrington learned piano at the settlement house of the slums he grew up in. He's out on parole, and Kohler is blackmailing him into helping him.

Turns out European roller-skating ace Kohler is sending coded messages through the songs he has Harrington play and Farrell sing, and flying his helicopter out to a waiting commie submarine to deliver microfilm of U.S. secrets! Maureen, her brother, and an undercover FBI agent bust up the whole gang. Harrington gets into a big time New York music school to learn "...real long-hair stuff!"

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