Vincent LaGuardia Gambini

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Six years after he introduced this character in the courtroom comedy My Cousin Vinny (and one year before he retired from acting, not to mention a few years after the peak of the lounge music revival) Joe Pesci released an album in character: Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just for You (1998). The resulting mix of covers and originals (including a mob-themed take on Blondie's "Rapture") was not received well. Allmusic's review describes it as "a set of songs that seems to exist primarily as a showcase for Pesci's penchant for the word "f*ck" and its variants than any real musical aspirations."

Fun fact: This was actually Pesci's second album. In 1968, as "Joe Ritchie," he released Little Joe Sure Can Sing!, an album of pop covers. A few years before that he played guitar for "Peppermint Twist" combo Joey Dee and the Starliters before Jimmy James (aka Jimi Hendrix) took over. Wait, what?