Vicious Lips

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Big-haired, all-girl late-'80s pop band featured in the godawful 1987 film of the same name. After lead singer Ace Lucas leaves the band for The Cruikshanks, manager Anthony Kentz transforms good girl Judy Jetson (Dru-Anne Perry) into a new Ace Lucas. Ace 2.0 then teams up with Heart on a bad hair day some other futuristic rockers--Mandoa (Shayne Farris), Bree Syn (Gina Calabrese), and Wynzi Krodo (Linda Kerridge)--to play forgettable, low-rent Patty Smyth-ish songs. The guitars (which are apparently played by moving them around, since the actors never really bother to pretend that they're playing them) are topped with what looks like bug lamps. Then there's some "plot" about them having to play a big gig at the hottest club in the galaxy, but man, is it hard to pay attention to.