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The "worlds greatest East German metal band" (according to Carl Brutananadilewski), this trio appears in the "Totem Pole" episode of animated TV show Aqua Something You Know Whatever (aka Aqua Teen Hunger Force.) The episode, which first aired 26 Aug. 2012, centers on their appearance at a local high school gymnasium. The band, which was on its "Trapped Inside Alive" tour, planned to record a live album titled Loving it Live in Poleadelphia (the show is set in New Jersey, but the band's Philadelphia show was cancelled.) According to Frylock, all of the band's lyrics center on "forming human totem poles and shoving heads up asses." Their mascot is Lenny the Troll, a small green troll.

During the episode, Carl displays a series of previous albums by the band, including:

  • Poles on Patrol
  • Poles & Souls
  • Poleorite
  • Glory Pole ("that's the seminal album, that's the desert island disc")
  • Poling Place
  • For Whom the Bell Poles
  • Polegasm
  • How Many Poles to Screw in the Bulb?
  • Polenight
  • Not Polite to Say No to Polenight (their first English language album)
  • Ringthrust