Tiffany Jones

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Singer from the 2003 novel Who Killed Tiffany Jones? by "Mavis Kaye" [pseudonym]. Uh-oh!

Tiffany Jones was the headliner. Her name dwarfed those of the other performers on the Apollo Theater marquee-a lineup that included Boyz II Men, Juvenile, the British band Soul II Soul, and the up-and-coming young comedian Reggie Stone.

And when Kim Carlyle slithered out of her limo in a skin-tight Donna Karan black sheath, she couldn't help feeling a surge of pride as she glanced at the marquee. Tiffany hadn't appeared as the headline act at the Apollo since the early eighties, when she was the reigning queen of disco and Kim was barely a teenager. But in less than a year, Kim had engineered one of the greatest comebacks in recent show-biz history. As her manager and agent, Kim had guided Tiffany back to the top as pop music's hottest star and one of its most glamorous divas.

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