The Wally Hung Trio

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Backup band for bawdy Dusty Towne (Catherine O'Hara) on two SCTV sketches. First in a commercial for her appearance at Lucifer's Arena (10/23/81), and then on her own tv Christmas special: "Dusty Towne Sexy Holiday Special" (12/18/81). Lineup: Ricky on drums (Rick Moranis), Wally Hung on Organ (Paul Flaherty- Joe Flaherty's brother), and an unnammed bassman (Dick Blasucci).

They also might appear in the Ocean's 11 parody skit, "Maudlin's 11," playing the Blue Angel Burlesque Strip Tease club. They also appeared as the The Wally Hung Experience on the 1982 RCA Count Floyd EP, which adds Gene Martynec as synth programmer, Mike Short on keyboards, Rick Gratton on drums, and Memo Acevedo on timbales.

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