The Three Easy Pieces

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Pity your dad. He had to make do with the ultra-low quality, low-budget pornography of crud like 1970's Lust Combo, featuring some of the homeliest people ever convinced to doff all and get it (urk) on. Yes, folks, porn can be boring, as this movie proves. It's not even worth watching once.

Our interracial psych-rock-pop trio roll into a Tennessee club, lip-sync unenthusiastically to a couple of numbers with an invisible horn section (titles might be "Catch as Catch Can" & "The Answer We've Been Looking For"), and then pair off with the local skank for an evening of grubby groping.


  • Vince, the sleazy singer and guitar player
  • Mike, the sleazy African American drummer
  • Jim, the sleazy longhaired bass player.

The band's name is an obvious ref to the Jack Nicholson movie, Five Easy Pieces (1970).

A very special thanks to Mike Dugo of for sending me a copy of this deservedly hard-to-find thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash.