The Swooner (G.I. Joe)

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Swooner GI Joe.png
Short-lived scam by some American G.I.s from "The Crooner" story of comic book G.I. Joe #41, (October 1955).

On a 30-day furlough in Tokyo, huckster Ready-Money Reilly discovers his comrade Ugly Otis's terrible singing somehow makes all the Japanese ladies swoon. He partners with local talent agent Mr. Wakaya to put him onstage. The problem is he's too ugly. So Reilly gets handsome Joe to lip-sync while Otis sings. Their first concert at the Chisai Theater ends in a riot, and soon the dough is rolling in.

Their sergeant Mulvaney has enough, and plasters Joe in the puss with a tomato at the next show. When the audience sees Joe is just lip-syncing, they get furious and rush the stage, ending the act for good.

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