The Spider

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Spider Captain Aero Comics.png
Phantom-of-the-Opera-esque villain from "The Singing Monster" story of comic book Captain Aero Comics v1 9 (March 1942). He and his accomplice The Fly murder opera singers Martin Binzio and Tilly Lons during a performance of Faust. Hero Flagman (really Captain Hornet) and his sidekick Rusty were in attendance and quickly track the duo down to their hideout in an abandoned canal under the opera house. But they're captured while the Spider, a massive, bum-looking, brute explains, "I should have been singing on that stage to-night-- but no, they said I was too ugly-- and I have the greatest voice of all!"

He then plays a "chord of destruction" on a massive pipe organ, to collapse the ceiling on a trapped Flagman and Rusty. But the ceiling crushes The Spider and Fly instead and Flagman and Rusty escape.

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