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[[Category:1971|Short Circus]]
[[Category:1971|Short Circus]]
[[Category:Television series|Short Circus]]
[[Category:The Electric Company||Short Circus]]
[[Category:Pop|Short Circus]]
[[Category:Pop|Short Circus]]

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Pop band of kids on PBS' 1971-1977 kids educational television series The Electric Company. They sang educational songs. They were sometimes introduced by DJ Mel Mounds (Morgan Freeman!).

The lineup changed multiple times over the course of the show:

First lineup: Irene Cara, Melanie Henderson, Douglas Grant, Stephen Gustafson and June Angela

Second lineup: Julie (June Angela), Zachary (Douglas Grant), Buddy (Stephen Gustafson), Kathy (Melanie Henderson) and Allison (Denise Nickerson)

Third lineup: June Angela, Gregg Burge, Stephen Gustafson, Melanie Henderson, Bayn Johnson

Fourth Lineup: Bayn Johnson, Gregg Burge, ?

...aaaand Todd Graff, Rodney Lewis, Rejane Magloire, and Janina Matthews in there somewhere.

Irene Cara later came to fame with, uh, Fame.

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