The Rock Stallions

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Would-be garage band of middle schoolers from the "Garage Band" episode (17 Oct. 2003) of short-lived Cartoon Network animated television series Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?.

When the girls go nuts for anti-drug band The Teetotalers at a pep rally, four regular characters go form this garage band. They consider other names: The Runny Noses, Frog in a Blender, Robot Jones and the Humans. They strike poses, and Socks dresses up in the finest KISS-style garb and makeup, but they never get around to actually practicing. When they try to play, it's pure cacophony, and they get booed by the girls, until Jones gets them to mime to a tape of his favorite band, The Gigawatts.

They brag to the girls about opening for The Megahertz.


  • Socks, guitar
  • Robot Jones, keyboard
  • Mitch, bass
  • Cubey, drums

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