The Raggs Band

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Star of the kids' television series Raggs (2006) and sometimes also known as The Raggs Kids Club Band. Five folks in giant dog mascot-type suits play and even do tours.


  • Raggs
  • Trilby
  • Pido
  • Razzles
  • B Max

Raggs LLC is a global intellectual property and entertainment production company founded by former advertising exec Toni Steedman in 2001. The Raggs character was created by Steedman and her then seven-year-old daughter, Alison, in 1989 as a series of carpool stories. Steedman later further developed the adventurous rock 'n' roll-loving dog into a concept for live touring and mall-based community programs. In 2005, Raggs LLC joined with Southern Star International in Sydney, Australia, to co-produce and distribute a “Raggs” educational television series based on the characters in The Raggs Band (aka The Raggs Kids Club Band)...

-Press Release, Charlotte, N.C., June 10, 2008

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