The Protesters

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A back up feature in the Charlton Comics comic book Thunderbolt, starting in issue #54 (October 1966). This small-time folk rock trio of Greenich Village, NYC become superheroes when dying Russian scientist Dr. Kolotov bestows his inventions on them, making them the superhero team The Sensational Sentinels. Written by Gary Frierich and drawn by Sam Grainger.


  • Rick Strong (Helio)
  • Cindy Carson (Mentalia)
  • Crunch Wilson (Brute)

They had a southern fried manager, "Colonel" Juniper Julep, who convinces them to keep their folksinging day jobs as a secret identity.

They were short-lived, and only appeared in issues #54-59.

The lyrics to their song "Doomsday Dirge" went: "What'll we do when doomsday comes. Will we sit around on our thumbs? What'll we do when the bomb goes boom, and in the rubble we're all entombed?" An audience member says they're no Barry McHire.

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