The Permanent Waves

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From the "Band on the Run" episode (02/26/1987) of hit 1980s sitcom Family Ties. Sibling Jennifer Keaton (Tina Yothers) has this all-girl rock band that auditions for the Leland College 10th reunion dance, where her brother Alex (Michael J. Fox) is on the entertainment committee. After wowing the committee and winning the audition, Alex talks himself into becoming the band's manager. He changes the band's name to The Swinging Corporate Raiders, and makes the girls dress up and sing golden oldies. Midway through their now-boring set, they rebel and play their original stuff to the crowd's delight.

Band members:

  • keyboard player Kitten (a pre-Married with Children Christina Applegate)
  • Ashley Berkhart (Rainbow Phoenix)
  • Brooke Bowman (Yael Nucci)
  • Jill (Margaret Nagle)

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