The Minstrel

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Supervillain who kinda looks like The Joker in the comic book Doll Man #23 (July 1949). Also reprinted in 1963 in Doll Man #15. The reprint has the better cover, where he sports a flame-throwing banjo. He has other trick banjos, including ones that shoot sleeping gas, magnesium flares, and, you know, just plain bullets.

Thank God he's not in blackface.

In issue #139 of Feature Comics (September 1949), The Minstrel has dropped his cartoony zoot suit and giant chin and just looks like some shlubby older guy with a really bad hat. He has to lay low since the heat's on, but his ego is too big to resist messing with the three finalists of a modern minstrel contest, Harry Hurl, Texas Slim, and Eddie Hanor, the blackface singer... awww, dammit!

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