The Mad House Glads

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Rock band from Archie comics. They first appeared as The Mad House Ma-ads in Mad House Ma-ad Jokes. That comic changed its name to Mad House Ma-ad Freak-Out for two issues, #71 and #72, before the comic and the band changed names to The Mad House Glads (1970-1974).

To celebrate the 650th issue of Archie (January 2014), a mini story arc over four issues had The Archies, Josie and the Pussycats, The Bingoes, and The Mad House Glads all going on a world tour starting in India. Fiona Staples did an alternate cover for the issue depicting all four bands.


  • Clyde Didit
  • Dippy Didit
  • Dan Didit
  • Dick Didit

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