The Llama Lords of Science

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Three-boy garage band that was the focus of the "Battle of the Bands" episode of the animated Nickelodeon TV show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (first aired 4 October 2002). Like all great bands, they formed with one goal in mind: To beat snooty girls in an elementary-school talent show. The lineup was epic: Jimmy Neutron (voiced by Debi Derryberry) on guitar, Carl Wheezer (voiced by Rob Paulsen) on drums, and Sheen (voiced by Jeffrey Garcia) on bass. The talent was less so; instead of learning music, the threesome relied on Neutron Synchronous Mind Instruments. These amazing instruments are equipped with computers containing every note that's ever been played. All you do is think, and you get your music. Generic studio-sounding music, but music nonetheless. (Jimmy maintains that they play "techno alternative ska with free jazz thrown in to impress the critics," but we know it came straight off the "rock" section of some canned music CD.)

Anyhoo, things went swimmingly at first. The three combined their original ideas for band names—The Science Kings (Jimmy), The Mighty Disciples of Ultralord (Sheen), and "something with llamas in it" (Carl)—into one mighty nom de rock. Then they tried out the instruments. When they realized that they actually could play (kinda), the trouble started. Within minutes there were suggested name changes (including The Jimmy Neutron Experience, The Carl Wheezer Project, and Sheen and the Sheenettes) and an idea for a bad concept project (Sheen's speed metal rock opera called Ultralord: Superhero Star).

By the day of the talent show, the trio was all-but broken up; Carl insisted that the others only speak to him via his image consultant. Egos got the best of them, and tragically, the instruments were smashed. The band soldiered on, but Carl's snot bubbles just didn't rock all that hard, and Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen came in eighth (out of seven contestants).

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