The Juke Box Puppet Band

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Juke Box Puppet Band Shining Time Station.png
AKA The Jukebox Band, they were the house band of puppets that lived inside a jukebox and played when people put money in on the children's tv series Shining Time Station (1989 to 1993). The puppets were created by the Flexitoon company, which was Craig and Olga Marin.


  • Tito Swing, piano, leader (Olga Marin)
  • Didi Conn, drums, vocals (Jonathan Freeman)
  • Tex Boy, guitar (Alan Semok)
  • Rex Boy, guitar (Craig Marin)
  • Grace the Bass, bass (Peter Baird/Ken Miele)
  • J.J. Silvers on occasion (Craig Marin)

Somehow the show also featured Beatle Ringo Starr and foul-mouthed comedian George Carlin taking stints as Mr. Conductor.

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