The Green Angels

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From the comic book Angels? (1989). This delightful comic book/Christian tract is one of the better works of tract-meister Jack Chick. This small time struggling Christian rock quartet is scooped up by mysterious big shot Lew Siffer (get it? hanh? hanh?) and they sign a contract... in blood! That's not good.

Sure they get big and famous, but then what happens? Well, two years, three months and one week later:

  • Short blond Bobby, the drummer, has turned gay, married a Hell's Angel looking dude, been given "some AIDS" by Satan himself, and died.
  • Guitarist Jim has collapsed onstage and probably died of an OD.
  • Lead vocalist Don has gotten into vampirism and is so uncaring and selfish you could just pinch him.
  • Guitarist Tom has escaped to tell the tale, renounce Satan, and hit the road preaching that "...rock music, even much "Christian" Rock, is a powerful demonic force controlled by Satan."

The comic peddles the old line that Christian rock is an oxymoron- rock music is inherently evil. Actually, Christian rock is just inherently awful.