The Grasshoppers

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Cartoon insect rock band of, duh, grasshoppers from the "The Grasshoppers Are Coming, Hooray, Hooray! " episode of 1970 NBC animated television series, Doctor Dolittle, loosely, LOOSELY based off the hit 1967 Rex Harrison movie.

This would be like a real band calling themselves "The Humans." Now that I've got the snarky comment out of the way, would you lookit that grasshopper chick's ass? Damn!!! That is one HOT cartoon grasshopper ass. Damn. Look at Dr. Dolittle, he's TOTALLY checking it out too, and I don't blame him.

Some of the grasshopper voices were done by: Annabell, Ronnie Fallon, and Colin Julian. The band's music and lyrics are... by... sorry, got distracted (is she even wearing pants?!) ... uh, Doug Goodwin, a cartoon composer for decades.